Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter 2012/2013 Skiing…& “Skiing Like A Girl”

Lately I haven’t been in the right mindset to make funny posts, but hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, I want to share my edits from this year’s winter ski trip. First I created this:

Then, I decided I had to make a video to “This Is What Makes Us Girls.” This song seems to jab at girls through a negative view of where their passion lies. This girl’s passion lies in being active in the outdoors, specifically skiing…so this is what makes me a girl!

To so many people skiing, surfing, running, <fill in the blank> “like a girl” is an insult. And compliments on athletic ability to women are usually followed by “for a girl,” as in you’re a good swimmer…for a girl. That insulting qualifier ultimately has caused many female athletes to want to distance themselves from the thought of being “like a girl” in the world of sports. But, to me “being a girl” is a compliment. Girls have the ability to go hard and be tough athletes while still maintaining a level of grace and elegance that’s unique to the fairer sex. So I am proud to ski like a girl!

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