Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 easy rules for not being a jackass at a coffee shop

My good friend Ccoofe and I share similar views when it comes to appropriate coffee shop behavior. If you follow these simple rules, you won’t be hated by everyone in the room!

#1 is simple, don’t assume the the world stops for you:

Coffee Shop

#2 is even more simple – listen with your ears, not your thirsty mouth:

Coffee Shop2

#3 should apply to all situations always, everywhere – back up:

Coffee Shop3

#4 is just good sense – the Irish know how it’s done:

Coffee Shop4

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

To be honest, #4 won’t win you any friends at a coffee shop and will likely get you arrested. Irish coffee is a delicious drink though (and is served at restaurants!).